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OOC: an unmentioned hiatus

Dear fellow followers,

I would like to apologise for my incredibly huge lack of updates. The reason behind it is really college. I didn’t suspect myself to be flooded with a large sum of assignments and tests that in the end I didn’t have time to draw for myself, or for other people. Just for school. 

In the end I got burnt out, especially due to staying 4-10 extra hours of school to get everything I do right (I am a bit of a perfectionist)

But enough about me! You want more Crash, right? Well I have good news for you!

One: I am making a Crash comic! Fully coloured pages with an actual storyline 

These are snippets of finished and WIP pages. The reason why I’ve decided to even make one is because I had an art block, and I want to practice comicking. I have no idea why but Crash always breaks my artblock. Why not combine them together?

Two: I am fully aware that I’ve missed Halloween by a long shot, so for you guys, tell me what you want Crash to dress as just for fun?

Anyways here ends my long, long sorry note. Please go on and drop Good ol’ Crash a message and he’ll be sure to answer ( :

Until then, Peace!

- M

((In prehistoric times, they spoke to each other, and Crash learned about his roots))

((Ever since that encounter, Crash Bandicoot became inspired to become the saviour of his universe))

((As for future descendents…))

((He met his nephew and kinda sorta hates him. Wow Crash actually hates someone, and it’s coco’s and her future hubby’s son))

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